So sex with a crossdresser is sometimes easy and sometimes hard.  I don’t know if this goes for ALL the wives of crossdressers, but there’s a lot more ego involved in the act of making love (or having sex, or simply just fucking) than there is with a more “traditional” pairing.  Now – in some ways – this additional ego can be helpful.  Granted, sex can be far more drama-riffic, but you never have to suck in your gut with a crossdresser.  You can get wild and crazy with the positions and not come off as a slut.  And if you like the cowgirl position then you’ll be in heaven with a large chunk of the crossdressing population.  This will vary from relationship to relationship, but for the most part you’re going to be seeing a lot more sensitivity in the bedroom than you normally would.  I’m not saying that a more traditional male isn’t sensitive, simply that you can’t get much more open discussion than you can with a crossdresser.

But there is drama.  Whoo boy is there drama.  You think YOU’RE feeling gross, imagine how they feel when they can’t fit into the expensive girdle they had to order to suck in their beer belly.  And there will be days when they’ll just flop on the bed and want you to do all the work.  If you’re not comfortable doing so now then you will definitely have to learn how to take control in bed for those days.  There will be days when you just want to be taken like a dirty slut and they want to be held and cuddled.  Compromise and communication will be words that you will become intimately familiar with.

This may be me talking out my ass, true.  Some of this I’ve heard from other CD wives/girlfriends but some of it is ALL me.  You see, I’ve been having A LOT of sex lately (what with the baby-making and all) and some sexual patterns that normally were months apart are beginning to show up more often.  There will be times when neither one of us wants to make the nookie and we do simply because we ought to.  It’s still warm and comforting but not nearly as wild or hot as it’s been in the past.

I recently made the mistake of suggesting we could have sex more often with Melanie dressed up to the nines.  That did not go over well because (while it’s okay to feel sexy dressed up) it’s not okay to use the feminine side as a procreation aid.  At least, not in my relationship.  It may be different for you.  I hope so, because slapping him into a skirt is So Much Easier than trying a bunch of new and (possibly unexciting) sexual advances to do the baby dance and keep it interesting.

Wish us luck.  X_X

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