So Dr. Phil apparently recently had a show called “Little Boy Lost” (or, as the amazing Laura Gonzales called it, “Little Girl Found”) regarding children and gender identity issues, specifically being young and transgendered. I personally did not see it and at this point in time I don’t WANT to see it (simply because I tend to avoid Dr. Phil like the plague and I don’t tend to watch much t.v. past Smallville and Buffy/Angel reruns in general) but I’d like to hear your take on the program if you did happen to catch it.

Can anyone locate a copy? Has it been posted to YouTube yet?

Little Boy Lost

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3 Responses to “Dr. Phil – Little Boy Lost”

  1. femstarlight says:

    Dr. Phil is another psychobabble-spewing douchebag. One good sign: Once in awhile MSNBC has aired a GOOD program about CDs (though it’s aired on the weekend at really odd hours), with explanations (they’re not all gay, they have normal jobs, etc). In general the media is sorely lacking the established knowledge about these groups of people.

  2. Autumn says:

    Dr. Phil has kinda been known for his negative opinion of the trans/CD community. He views non-cis-gendered identities as a “problem that needs to be addressed.” Needless to say makes for watching his shows about that stuff distressing. :p

    Tyra Banks did a much better job with her show about TS/CD issues.

    • TheWife says:

      Yeah, I’m actually really sensitive about the whole thing and I take imagined slights on Melly’s behalf very seriously, so watching a tv show about trying to “cure” someone would probably make me want to rip out my hair.